There are times when we feel there are only certain people we can communicate with, who will understand us in ways that other people don't. These individuals can even be spirits. Spirit companions are ethically conjured entities who live in various astral realms. They can be surprisingly diverse, and some can even seem too outlandish to be real.

Spirit companions can be socially intimate sources of energy who can speak to you in promptings, omens, waves of emotion, and in rare occasions, physical activity. For some people having a spirit companion can be a blessing, and if you're one of those individuals who seeks to know more about the astral, we are happy to conjure for you.

Custom Conjures

  • Please indicate whether you would like a lighter, neutral, or darker being conjured for you and any other specifications you may feel are necessary for us to know. We cannot promise spirit companions will manifest how you want them to, or that they will manifest for you at all. Each spirit worker has different, unique experiences with spirits.

    To create a connection to your spirit companion, we will bind them to you using the information you provide us. If you would rather have your companion bound to an external object that you can still work and meditate with, you can choose to have your companion bound distantly or to a physical object. This is perfectly safe and does not harm your companion in any way.

    With all spirits, please provide your full real name and date of birth, as well as your zodiac sign for the binding process and your email. If you wish to have the spirit bound to a vessel that you have, or to have them bound directly to your spirit, please choose the appropriate option and we will refund any shipping charges that incur.