*Listing picture of IkioElle/Crow by Abigail Southworth

The Crei of Kairenz and Zikinyez


Kairenz is a complex, other-dimensional planet mixed of science and magick. The gods of this world often walk among mortals offering their abilities to help the land. They are a band of entities who usually hold humans' well-being in their best interest. They are known as the lighter half of the godly families, and encompass the positive aspects of life itself.

Created from Kairenz's shadow, "zikinyez" in godspeak means "the shadow that's left behind." It is a world that looks exactly like Kairenz, but in the realm of Zikinyez, the atmosphere is much darker. Instead of humans populating Zikinyez, there are the Zikinyezi... or shadow people. These beings are typically rather frightening in appearance and can be benevolent or malicious. It just depends on their personalities. The Zikinyez Crei are much darker and sporadic in nature than their Kairenzi counterparts. The Zikinyez Crei can have dark intentions and are able to do wicked things. They can be harmful, and should never be taken lightly. They are not ruled by symbolic colors like the Kairenz Crei are, and are often unpredictable and strange in appearance.

Custom Crei Immortal Conjure

  • This listing is for a custom requested Crei Immortal that may not have a personal listing on the website. If you're looking for a particular concept or influence in your life, you can choose from the below list. Each ideal listed is overseen by a Crei Immortal on either Kairenz or Zikinyez. No further information will be given until the time of binding, making this mystery listing something quite exciting!


    List of Kairenz and Zikinyez immortal concepts:











    Good Fortune



    Outward Power

    Inward Power















    Happiness (Includes the bindings of Good Fortune and Peace)
    Sadness (Includes the bindings of Misfortune and Chaos)


    For Manifestation, please state in the order notes, as it is not in the drop down menu.


    Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer free digital copies of spirit portraits. Instead, we will offer them for $10 in this listing.  ** As a note, you only need to purchase this portrait listing once, and it will cover all the spirits in your order. If you order three spirits, you only need to purchase one of this listing, and it will cover all three spirits.


    If you choose "specialty vessel," in the options, please make sure that your specialty vessel is in your cart alongside the conjure you request. Don't know what specialty vessels are? Check here for more information.


    With all spirits, please provide your full real name and date of birth, as well as your zodiac sign for the binding process and your email. If you wish to have the spirit bound to a vessel that you have, or to have them bound directly to your spirit, please choose the appropriate option and we will refund any shipping charges that incur.

  • Anything non-spirit related can be returned for a refund. Because of their nature, however, spirits cannot be returned. So please make sure the calling you feel is strong before you choose a spirit, as it is a lifetime commitment. In extreme cases if something goes wrong and the spirit and keeper do not bond, we will rehome the spirit and give you in-store credit. We will not accept returns because of a sudden change of heart. 


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