Ever wanted to know how you die?  This spell can help you do just that.  There is a warning here.  This spell is very dark, as we aren't supposed to know the time or place of our deaths.  It may bring other nightmares about death with it.  I've tested this spell for four months now and I've seen myself die in countless ways, though they all end with the same thing killing me.  This spell is definitely not for the faint of heart!  If you have deep rooted fears, anxiety or nerve issues, this spell is not for you!  I do not wish to cause anyone any harm or 

As with most any spells, real name and date of birth are requested to remote bind to spirit for quicker results. However, if you do not wish to send the information, the spells will be added solely to the stone with no remote casting or binding to spirit.
The vessels available are Chevron Amethyst stones, Hematite, Rhonodite, Shiva stones, Dark moon bracelet, Hamsa Hand bracelet.  If you do not chose a vessel, I will pick one for you.

Death's Door - This one comes with a Warning!