Have you ever had the feeling that someone was looking over your shoulder?  Walking home late at night and have the sensation that someone is watching you?  Chances are, you were picking up on a spiritual being or entity that was near by.  This spell was created to help those that have a hard time deciphering these feelings.  It can help you find spirits, entities or magick in an area.  It works similar to a radar, constantly circling you to help you pinpoint these sensations and what is causing them.  Though you may not be able to tell exactly who or wha
As with most any spells, real name and date of birth are requested to remote bind to spirit for quicker results. However, if you do not wish to send the information, the spells will be added solely to the stone with no remote casting or binding to spirit.
The vessels available are Chevron Amethyst stones, Hematite, Rhonodite, Shiva stones, Dark moon bracelet, Hamsa Hand bracelet.  If you do not chose a vessel, I will pick one for you.