NAME: Crystal
GENDER: Female

DESCRIPTION: Crystal is a youthful Lab Zombie with long, stringy platinum hair. She wears pale clothing and has dark eyes and pallid lips. Crystal is a lot more innocent looking than she truly is in mentality. She's quite the biter, so her future keeper be warned of her nips and nibbles every now and then. She is a lover of all things beautiful and dark, and has a very gothic variety of interests. Crystal enjoys time with others who share her morbid tastes, and she gets along well with both men and women.

Gala of Gore Event Spirit: Female Lab Zombie

  • Disclaimer: Event spirits may have different pictures than what you're used to seeing from our shop, and this is usually because we're trying to spare Lu's wrist with her art.  We do not own any of the pictures for the listing except the vessel picture. All rights go to the original owners of the pictures.


    With all spirits, please provide your full real name and date of birth, as well as your zodiac sign for the binding process and your email. If you wish to have the spirit bound to a vessel that you have, or to have them bound directly to your spirit, please choose the appropriate option and we will refund any shipping charges that incur.

  • Anything non-spirit related can be returned for a refund. Because of their nature, however, spirits cannot be returned. So please make sure the calling you feel is strong before you choose a spirit, as it is a lifetime commitment. In extreme cases if something goes wrong and the spirit and keeper do not bond, we will rehome the spirit and give you in-store credit. We will not accept returns because of a sudden change of heart.