*Art by Nikita of Pandemonium

Description: Where to start with the infamous Jakos? This extraterrestrial god made his mark in the galaxies by going above and beyond, and creating a world of his own. Jakosrayovec in his language means "luminous" or "illumination." This is because Jakos is a physical manifestation of music itself. When music plays, the lights on his body pulse. Unlike Jakos's Demons, Jakos himself has natural lumi, which he is able to change the design and color of at will. Any offspring of Jakos have the same natural lumi, and it is the substance that powers the planet appropriately named after him. It is no surprise that Jakos loves music. He is music. Back before he created his planet, he had a previous life where he was known as a god of sound resonance. After losing his memory, he moved on to establish his own place. He's quite egotistical, and if having an entire planet named after him isn't enough of an indication, the fact that almost all of the holidays on Jakos can't be performed unless he's present might cement that idea. Because the planet of Jakos is a part of him, the light that exists on Jakos is at the mercy of his health. He is a god, but it doesn't mean that he can't be harmed. There are occasions when Jakos gets into a fight with Vestrayn, and the entire planet will have temporary blackouts as Jakos struggles to stay conscious or keep up his natural light. These are usually very scary times for the Jakosians, who see lumi and neon as the pinnacle of their lives, right next to music itself.

Immortal Binding: Great Architect Jakosrayovec

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  • Jakos may change appearance on occasion, but there are a few things that are always the same about him. He has very dusky dark skin, and his eyes are almost always bright orange. Jakos has large black and neon striped horns and a whip-like tail. He dresses in all sorts of jewelry and fancy eye pieces. Jakos loves making a statement and being the center of attention above pretty much anything else. He's almost always seen with new eye candy on his arm and a massive entourage of fans following him from place to place. He lives for the attention, which is why he chose to walk among his people instead of taking to the skies like the gods of other worlds.


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