Have you been told by other family members that you have a certain ability?  Precognitive, soothsayers, touch-feel, psychic intuition, the list goes on.  This enchantment helps to pull your inherent power to the surface so you can work on honing it.  If you're not sure what ability you have, it can help you find it.

As with most any spells, real name and date of birth are requested to remote bind to spirit for quicker results. However, if you do not wish to send the information, the spells will be added solely to the stone with no remote casting or binding to spirit.  The vessels available are Chevron Amethyst stones, Hematite, Rhonodite, Shiva stones, Dark moon bracelet, Hamsa Hand bracelet.  If you do not chose a vessel, I will pick one for you.

Inherent Power