Blood has been a magickal tool for many centuries. Blood tells all. Heritage, health, and in the metaphysical world... advice and perhaps even future events. Hematomancy is the act of reading messages by blood. In some texts this could include the act of dririmancy, which is read by dripping blood directly onto a surface and reading the spots and splashes that it creates, or by blood being dropped in clear glasses of water to view the intricate swirls and shapes that are made. Lu performs hematomancy by using natural blood splotched onto absorbant cloth or tissue.

Lu's Hematomancy Readings

  • There are two types of hematomancy readings offered. As blood is a precious and potent substance, these readings do not come cheap. Dark magick takes time and in this case, a sacrifice. Please be aware that real blood readings will have much deeper and longer interpretations. For the more inexpensive reading, red dye is used instead of real blood, and dropped into a clear glass of water. These readings are just as magickal, but keep in mind that it will not be as detailed.


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