"Spirit Portraits are currently closed until I can catch up with our orders! Please contact me directly for an estimated timeframe of when you can expect this listing to reopen." - Lu

From this month on, Lu will be working on a month on/month off schedule for commissions. One month the listing will be open for people to purchase portraits of their spirit companions. During this time Lu will only work on portraits intermittently, and give himself more time for things that he needs to get done. Then, when the listing closes on the off month, all he will focus on is spirit commissions. This "off" month is when you can expect to receive your commissioned art.


From Lu:

"I have been drawing for over ten years, and recently decided to offer my services as an artist between a keeper and their spirit. For this listing I will sketch one of your spirits for you in colored pencil. One spirit per portrait please. Or, if you can't decide, you can let me choose. I can draw creatures, elves, vampires, whatever sort of spirit you have in mind.

"My work is designed to help draw you closer to your spirit. Whether you are struggling to connect with them or you know them like the back of your hand, I'll do my best to create a tribute for both you and your beloved companion."

Lu's Art Commissions

  • ***As of 7/7/2017, Lu is no longer offering traditional art and physical copies of her artwork. This is due to time restraints and shipping difficulties. However, you can still order any of your artwork as physical prints.***


    In order to halt some of the confusion running rampant about which portrait to order for your spirit, we have streamlined all of the options into one listing. To begin with, only preconjured spirits come with email copies of their portraits. These are the portraits that come with their listings. If you'd like a different portrait you will need to order one. Now, onto a brief description for the portrait listings:


    $6 Pre-drawn revamp: Like Lu's digital art and already have an email or hand-drawn portrait from her? This is the option you want. Lu will completely make over your portrait and send you a digitally colored copy. Only purchase this listing if you have art from Lu already. You will need to purchase one of this listing for every portrait you want redone. If you have five portraits you want redone, you will need to order this listing five times. If you are only ordering this listing and nothing else, you may use the code FREESHIP1 to get rid of any shipping costs


    $10 Email spirit portrait: You can order this with any spirit from our shop only. This will be a hand-drawn spirit portrait from Lu, sent to you via email. This is not a physical copy. This is digital art. If you are ordering this listing by itself you may use the code FREESHIP1 to remove shipping costs. You will only need to order one of this listing for all the spirits in your order. So if you have three spirits in your order, you will only need to order one of this listing to cover all three of them. These will be black and white drawings.


    $40 Digital Art Portrait: This is a listing for any spirit you desire, even those from other shops. For obvious reasons this is a digital copy only. If you like the digital copy you can always order a print of it here. If you order this listing by itself, you can use the code FREESHIP1 to get rid of any shipping charges. You will need to order one of these for each spirit in your order, or that you have. If you have five spirits you want portraits for, you will need to purchase this listing five times.