Ever wish you had a greedy little leprechaun around that horded all of the treasures they could find?  This spell works a bit like that.  It is aimed at helping to draw in the necessary energies to bring monetary gain.  Though you might not find gold and silver, you may find an excess in other things such as customers; if you own a shop, unsuspected raises at work, etc.

As with most any spells, real name and date of birth are requested to remote bind to spirit for quicker results. However, if you do not wish to send the information, the spells will be added solely to the stone with no remote casting or binding to spirit.
The vessels available are Chevron Amethyst stones, Hematite, Rhonodite, Shiva stones, Dark moon bracelet, Hamsa Hand bracelet.  If you do not chose a vessel, I will pick one for you.

Money Draw