These are new to our shop, but certainly not a new concept to Spirit Keeping. These listings each contain a song, chosen by the spirit or entity that wishes to find a companion. They are "no questions" listings, which means that we will not tell you if they are calling to you specifically or not. If you feel a draw, then they're probably speaking to you. These are the only profiles in our shop that we have put this rule down for.

Music Resonance: Female Flower Dancer - Kaisha

  • Her song is here.


    Name: Kaisha
    Kaisha is a slender being about a human's height, but with abnormally thin fingers and limbs. her eyes are large and completely black. Her skin is a dark tan tone, and her hair is long and red. She has large, elf-like ears and a narrow, sharp face. She wears clothes sewn from flower petals; a thin tube top and a long, trailing skirt. She carries two slender rods with ribbons attached at the ends. She's a very mild, sweet-natured spirit that would love to find a home where there are lots of plants either indoors or outdoors for her to tend to.
    Flower Dancers are rare beings that usually remain in forests and flower fields. When springtime comes, they take out their ribbons and dance in the fields to awaken the plants. They bring love and renewal to anyone they favor, though they are notoriously shy beings. As companions they can bring the energy of Springtime into your home, refreshing and revitalizing you.


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