The Norrdona of Kipa

These extremely tall, snowy white beings hail from the same planet as our Maagi and Cubis. Kipa. Some would say they're the dominant race, because they're the most technologically advanced. They're the most forward-thinking group of scientists the planet has. Their technology is lightyears ahead of us, with hovercars and gorgeous megacities.

Custom Conjure: Norrdona

  • The Norrdona themselves are divided up into two factions. The Norrdo (or Northerners) are a very close-knit, serious group. The Norrdo are rather prim and proper in social cases. They wear professional faces or facades when in public, and are rather obsessed with social status. They see themselves as being higher up in the caste system (which they themselves made up) than any other being on Kipa. Despite their pretentious atmospheres and occasional mood swings, they are likeable in their own way. 


    The Nodo (the Southerners) are more easygoing. They have brighter fashions and are known for using their own kind of slang. The Nodo were heavily influenced by a southern country's culture and customs when the south of Norrdona was inhabited, called Qas'Daago. They love to socialize and be themselves, and laugh at the Norrdo's traditional ways. They don't live and breathe to party like Qas'Daagans do, but they do have a loving, lax nature about them that makes them charming in their own ways.


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