These are Pandora's newest addition to the shop. Shufflemancy is a form of divination where music is used to convey a message. Songs are selected, placed into a playlist, and then the diviner hits the "shuffle" button. The lyrics, music videos, and even the tempo of the song can contain many messages for the recipient.

Pandora's Shufflemancy Readings

  • From Pandora: This is a technique I've been working on for over a month now, and I've become confident enough to offer them to you all. The prices are based on the reading, and are as follows:

    One song with messages and observations: $7

    Two songs with messages and observations: $12

    Three songs with messages and observations: $18

    Please contact me via seller's notes or the "Contact Us" page and let me know what questions you would like answered. You can leave them open ended or ask specific "yes" and "no" questions.


    If you purchase this listing alone, feel free to use the code FREESHIP1 to get rid of any shipping fees that may incur.

  • Anything non-spirit related can be returned for a refund. Because of their nature, however, spirits cannot be returned. So please make sure the calling you feel is strong before you choose a spirit, as it is a lifetime commitment. In extreme cases if something goes wrong and the spirit and keeper do not bond, we will rehome the spirit and give you in-store credit. We will not accept returns because of a sudden change of heart.