Preconjure: Altilvyan Asp

Name: Vata

Gender: Female

Art: Blue Clipper 

Description: The Altilvyan Aspis are a race of elemental creatures who survive on various planes of Galzek and Altilvya--two coinciding worlds connected by sephiroths. The Aspis are serpentine creatures with slightly humanoid heads and snake-like bodies, many with high intelligence and willpower. Many Aspis possess elemental abilities. Galzek and Altilvya are worlds I spent years upon years perfecting through dimension and thoughtform creation. Each being found on Galzek and Altilvya are as living as an astral entity. Not many of the Aspis are very pretty, but their abilities are what make them so unique.

Preconjure: Altilvyan Asp - Vata

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  • Vata is a fire Asp. She is very long with deep, garnet colored scales and an orange-tinted face. Her eyes are blood red. As a fire elemental, she assists in all manners of passion and bringing forth desires of many kinds. She helps others find motivation to continue goals and projects, and brings confidence to those around her. She doesn't say much, but she has a keen love for humans and finds them quite interesting.


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