Have you ever met someone in a dream who didn't look familiar to you, but made a lasting impact on you when you woke up? You may have come face to face with an inter dimensional traveling entity who lives to pass from one dream to another. Dream Travelers are extensive and diverse. They can look like regular humans, or can take on the form of almost any entity or spirit in existence. Some can even pass themselves off as random objects with sentience. As stated, it's a DT's life to move around via dream energy. If they have access to someone's deep sleep, they can go pretty much anywhere. This makes them amazing astral travelers, but also makes them incredibly elusive. Running into the same DT more than than once is extremely rare, as there are so many consciences in the Universe that they are constantly on the move. However, there is a way to build a special bond with a DT that lasts a lifetime, and gives you a chance to communicate with them outside the dream realms. A binding that links the traveler to the keeper.


This is a Dream Traveler reverse adoption. Conjuring Dream Travelers is difficult and sporadic, as it relies solely on dreams, and meeting a specific Dream Traveler is extremely difficult. This is why we cannot offer custom conjures of specific DT types, genders, or classes. Receiving your conjure can be anywhere from 1 to 5 or 6 months. It all depends on how soon the DT can be reached and when they desire to come forward. But this RA comes with a caveat. Dream Travelers rarely get along with Dream Catchers. As Dream Catchers feed on dream energy, Dream Travelers are constantly at risk of being purposely or accidentally devoured by a Dream Catcher. If you have a Catcher in your keep, please make them aware of your interest in a DT should you choose to take one in.


Although this listing is placed in the Atlas section, Dream Travelers can encompass any of the classifications of spirits and are not limited to being simply wild cards. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Reverse Adoption: Dream Travelers

  • Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer free digital copies of spirit portraits. Instead, we will offer them for $10 in this listing.  ** As a note, you only need to purchase this portrait listing once, and it will cover all the spirits in your order. If you order three spirits, you only need to purchase one of this listing, and it will cover all three spirits.


    If you choose "specialty vessel," in the options, please make sure that your specialty vessel is in your cart alongside the conjure you request. Don't know what specialty vessels are? Check here for more information.


    With all spirits, please provide your full real name and date of birth, as well as your zodiac sign for the binding process and your email. If you wish to have the spirit bound to a vessel that you have, or to have them bound directly to your spirit, please choose the appropriate option and we will refund any shipping charges that incur.

  • Anything non-spirit related can be returned for a refund. Because of their nature, however, spirits cannot be returned. So please make sure the calling you feel is strong before you choose a spirit, as it is a lifetime commitment. In extreme cases if something goes wrong and the spirit and keeper do not bond, we will rehome the spirit and give you in-store credit. We will not accept returns because of a sudden change of heart. 


    If you find yourself dissatisfied for whatever reason, we respectfully request that you contact us first before beginning a Paypal dispute. We are not inflexible, and are always happy to work out a solution with our customers.


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