The Putti of the Angelic Realms

Happy, flirty, playful, and adorable, the Putti are delightful little toddler-shaped beings with small wings, round faces, and pudgy bodies. They show up in many Renaissance paintings, are displayed in ornate building moldings, and have made a mark amongst society creating the iconic image of Cupid and the carved stone garden statues of cherubs.


Not to be confused with Cherubim, which are a different race of Angel entirely, the Putti are the art-bringers, the inspirational writers, and the match-makers. They love all things romance, and they are avidly interested in fine art and beauty. They are found surrounding new couples so that the spark of romance and excitement is ignited. They are also found fluttering over the heads of all types of artists and musicians, pouring out streams of creativity and inspiration into them.


These Angels never slow down. They are almost always thriving on high energy like that of children, but it's best not to treat them as such. A Putto can be rather wise, and will seem knowledgeable beyond his or her years. They can be feisty fighters and adamant protectors who are adept with many magickal practices. The Putti may not be warriors at heart, but they don't let any enemy cross them. Because of their high energy they make excellent companions for anyone who is often feeling exhausted or depressed. They spark that dying flame of childlike enthusiasm within us to get us back on our feet and moving. They are motivators who love to pick us up and help us move toward our goals.

  • Sweet treats like candy, cookies, or pastries

  • Sweet aromas such as strawberry, orange, sweetpea, and lemon

  • Flower oils or fruit oils

  • Music of any variety. Many Putti are musicians

  • Drawn or painted pictures

  • Poetry and thought-provoking prose

Offering Ideas

The Putti