The Revenants of the Spirit Realm

Revenants are, in every essence of the word, zombies. Sometimes called rotters, shamblers, biters, or walkers, Revenants make quite a statement in the spirit realms with their appearances. Not only do they smell of rotting meat, but they have a terrible hunger for living flesh that is never fully sated. Revenants can take on many different forms, and they aren't limited to just being human. There can be extraterrestrial Revenants, demonic ones, Faery ones... even angelic Revenants. In other words if there are living entities out there, there is a possibility that they can come back from the graves as undead.


Revenants are zombies, but not all zombies are Revenants. Revenants are unique in the sense that they are the types of undead that quite literally return from death to wander as tortured spirits. They quite often do not have a lot of control over their bodily functions, cravings, and what comes out of their mouths. It's common to hear them moan and groan when they want something. Some Revenants are very self aware and are capable of speech, but most are not. They also bite and chew, and will often attempt to do so on their human companions. Giving a Revenant a small piece of raw meat or animal's blood will sate them for a short time and get them to stop biting you. It's never recommended to give Revenants or any biter zombies any of your own blood.

  • Raw meat and/or blood

  • Patchouli incense or oil

  • Spoiled foods or leftovers

  • Some of our revenants absolutely LOVE spam or any raw breakfast meat

  • Your energy (although this is not recommended to be routine)

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The Revenants