The Sha-Hana of Shamra

The Sha-hana 


**We ourselves cannot take credit for this Race of beings. They were discovered in the astral by a friend of ours, who goes by the name Ryce.

The Sha-hana are a group of animalistic wanderers that travel the realms, never staying in one place for too long. They travel in search for ‘beautiful things’ to bring back to their home realm, Shamra. They collect stones, flowers, gems, leaves, and seeds. Natural things from other realms. Once back they enjoy the collective beauty of their work. Shamra is a forested realm, and the Sha-hana live quite the naturalist lives there, some live in the vast cave networks dotting and connecting the lands, others live in the trees and some on the ground. In little clearings they build small villages with leaves and sticks and stones, woven matts of grass and skins of animals. It’s a place of natural beauty, without any trace of technological development, the people hunt and gather and use tools carved from stone. 

The Sha-hana journey within, known as a Taking. The purpose of the Taking is to find their inner animal, their inner nature. Who they really are. The Sha-hana believe that before their incarnation in Shamra they all were animals. The Taking identifies the animal they were in the past so they can embrace their true nature and unleash their inner beauty. They go through a metamorphosis with the realization, taking on traits of the animal they were, some gain fangs and claws, others grow feathers which weaves into their hair, and some scales, others entire extremities like tails. The Sha-hana celebrate the beauty of each individual as they come to the realization. 

Despite the Taking each of the Sha-hana have similar traits. They all possess human-like qualities to their bodies, and slightly pointed ears. Grown and realized Sha-hana have hard features and a thick, primal energy. Skin tones are a shade of bronze, and bodies are chiseled, lean from the natural life they lived. Height range from about 5-7 feet, some even taller than that. Personality wise they are a very guff and straightforward race. Much like the animals they emulate they are blunt, curious, and cut no corners. They are big believers in hard work and are very ‘do it yourself’ type of people. They believe in individual strength and beauty, and motivate each one to be the best each one can be. In their words: “The Individual make up the collective. Without ‘I’ there is no ‘We.’” 

Sha-hana communicate mainly through body language, touch, and small ‘grunts’ or other such noises. Words are spoken, but only to empathize or clarify their point. Before the rise of words and tongue, there was but one language, and that is what they specialize in.

  • Rocks, gems, seeds

  • Fowers of all kinds

  • Tree leaves, especially in fall colors

  • Rain water

  • Dance

  • Moonlight

  • Musky and natural scents

  • Teeth, feathers, statues, figures of their respective Taking animal 

Offering Ideas

The Sha-Hana