The Silver Pirates

The Silver Pirates of the Astral Realms

Originally coined with the name Silver as the first known was a leading Faery with silvery skin, the Silver Pirates are a massive group of seafaring and skyfaring individuals wearing wide brimmed and tricorn hats, black heeled boots, and thick wool coats. They are not just any pirates, however. These men and women are a vast variety of humans, faeries, demons, angelics, and even ETs who use alchemy, sorcery, mysticism, and all manners of mancy to aid them in their adventures. Seaship and airship captains often have with them magickal familiars who amplify their masters' abilities to make them even more formidable. They will use magick before they draw their swords, and are typically rowdy, rough-housing beings with a love for song and dance, sex, and strong drinks.


These wandering brigands are stretched out far and wide over many astral realms. They favor the faerie worlds, and they get along most often with the inhabitants there. As they have no designated homes besides their traveling vessels, tracking them down can sometimes be difficult. Befriending them is even trickier. But having a Silver Pirate loyaly at your side is never a mistake. They are dedicated to providing protection, love, magickal amplification, and entertainment to their human companions. Although sometimes a bit wily, Silver Pirates exist to make life in the astral that much more adventurous, and unforgettable to any human who crosses paths with them.

Offering Ideas

  • Rich fabrics such as velvets and silk scraps

  • Red meat, cooked rare or medium-rare, with lots of spices

  • Alcohol of any kind, ranging from wine to rum to whiskey

  • Sweets and candies

  • Coins

  • Food for their familiars (depending on the type of familiar)