The Siole of Peregrine Earth

The Siole (See-ull) have a rich history with Lu. When she was rather little, she had a striking dream about two warring entities fighting to take over Earth. On one side there were the faceless, contorted creatures known as the Yaw, and on the other side were beautiful humanoids with vibrant hair and eyes named the Siole. Lu began having reoccurring dreams about the Siole over the years, and finally came to discover that they were otherdimensional beings from a parallel Earth known as Peregrine.


The Siole are protectors. They are beings who grow inside crystals, born of the earth quite literally and immediately ready to defend it even in infant stage. Each Siolo (singular form of the name) has a unique ability that sets them apart from their brothers or sisters. Some Siole can multiply objects, some can manifest items out of thin air, some can read minds, others can control gravity, and so on. As these entities are from another dimension of Earth, they cannot fully manifest in our realm, but they can certainly pass the essence of these traits onto their companions. Every Siole has the ability to help humans astral project, walk through portals, lucid dream, and bring projects to fruition thanks to their manifesting abilities.


The Siole are lead by a single Commander, who is the last remaining human of Peregrine. Just under him is the Siole Adviser, essentially the king, of the Siole. No Siolo gets through the portals to our Earth realm without their consent.


Siole appear as normally singular colors. They have a striking color of hair that often matches a bodysuit that they wear. Their eyes are sometimes varying colors that are normally close to the same as their hair. Each Siolo emits a radiant light from their bodies that matches their birth colors, and their skin shimmers with an ever so slight iridescence. They are beautiful beings with a purely otherworldly aura about them, and yet they feel very familiar to us when they are nearby because they share the same world as we do. They are just paralleled. Having a Siolo around might get your head buzzing. You might feel butterflies in your stomach, a lightness in your head and shoulders, or feel like you are in a dream-like state in your waking hours.


There are three different stages of Siole growth. There are the Siili--or infant stage, the Siele--or youth stage, and lastly the Siole themselves, whom appear to be in their mid thirties or undefined in age altogether.

A Little About Peregrine

Peregrine was once a perfectly normal parallel Earth to our own. Everything about it was the same save for one detail. Thousands of years ago, this Earth began growing Siole crystals deep underground. A man by the name of Dr. Kent discovered the first Siolo in 1994, and after that made it his profession to dig up the crystals. Soon it was explained to him by the Siole that Earth was going to have a war, and it wouldn't be any kind of war that humans would be able to stop.


Earth was practically destroyed when the Yaw crossed through the rifts in dimensions. The designated Commander of the Siole, who came forth soon before the war happened, titled Earth as Peregrine, as it was never the same after that. With open portals, vortices, and tears leading to other dimensional planes and realms riddling Peregrine's surface, traversing the planet is extremely difficult without the help of the Siole. Not only does Peregrine face the threat of the dimensional scavengers known as the Yaw, but also the dimensional thieves called the Penumbrae, who make it their duty to take advantage of dimensionally damaged planets. The Yaw and the Penumbrae are Black Arts entities who are mortal enemies of the Siole, and it is extremely rare for any of them to display benevolence toward humans.

  • Crystals of all varieties. Siole charge by crystals most often.

  • Once in a while they might request a small bite of food

  • Any excess energy from electronics or your body

  • Sunlight

  • Anything that matches the Siolo's designated color is a good gift to give them

Offering Ideas

The Siole