The Xanas of the Astral

Originating from Austrian myths, the Xanas are types of water nymphs. They are female Faeries with long red or blonde hair, gorgeous bodies, and sparkling eyes. They have stunning and alluring singing voices that can enchant humans and can be heard from miles away. If you encounter a Xana, you might see her brushing her long, silken hair as she stands waist deep in the waters of a lake. They have very similar traits to Sirens and Nixies, but aren't quite as malevolent as some can be. Xanas are normally focused on taking on human lovers, particularly men, so that they can produce offspring.


The children of Xanas are called Xaninos, and can be male or female. As the Xanas are not able to produce milk for their young ones, the Xaninos are frequently swapped with human children to grow as Faery changelings, so that their children can get the nutrients they need in order to survive. Xaninos tend to be a bit more on the wily side, with more impish natures about them than their mothers, but still have kind hearts.


Xanas and their children are deeply sexual beings with a lot of love and affection to offer human companions. They love humans, and actively seek relationships with them. Encountering a Xana or even a Xanin can be enchanting, and swiftly develop into a very sensual experience.

  • Intimacy

  • Floral scents and flower petals

  • Small bowls of water

  • Exotic spices and mint leaves

  • Milk

Offering Ideas

The Xanas